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'ElephAnt and EleFant' Series
Book 1: Ants and Fant  £6

 Book 2: Battles and Beans  £6

Buy Books 1 & 2  together for just £10

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Alternatively, you can pay via Paypal by simply clicking the link below and entering the amount to pay. Please enter your order details (how many copies of which book) in the note. This payment method incurs a transaction fee of 50p, so please add this to your total payment amount. 

Cost: Book 1  = £6.00

            Book 2  = £6.00

or both books for £10.00

plus £1.26 delivery for one book order

plus £1.64 delivery two books per order

1 of either Books total cost including postage= £7.26

Both books 1 & 2 total cost = £11.64

+  50p Paypal transaction fee per order

or order directly into the bank account

which will be given bu email when contacted 

If you wish to pay more than the asking price, then 100% of your donation will go to organisations helping elephants.