Details of books  

This is a series of 3 children's books. They are written entirely in rhyming poetry with hand-drawn illustrations on every page.
 Ideal for children aged 5-9, or for
 assisted reading to children aged 3-6. 
Books 1 and 2 are currently available.


 Single book order: delivery is £1.30
Two book order: delivery is  £1.70
Collection from SO40 is free

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Price of books

Books 1 and 2 are available for £6.00 
and both books together for £10.00


Full colour illustrations
Soft backs, measuring 21cm x 21cm
Book 1 is 44 pages 
Book 2 is 32  pages 

Where your money goes

Marketing costs
Instead of the author taking any payment for her work, she is donating 100% of the profit of any sales to organisations helping elephants. If you wish to give more than the asking price then your donation will further help elephants. Thank you.
Profit donated to charity
Printing costs

Book 1: Ants and Fant

Ants and Fant is the first book in this enchanting series. Tella captivates the Queen Ant with stories about elephants, with the help of the Art Ants. It’s the Queen’s 21st birthday coming up. The Carver Ants want to make her a special present. Can they carve an elephant fit for a Queen?


Book 2: Battles and Beans

Battles and Beans is the second book in this series. The Ant Queendom becomes crammed with hundreds of tiny carved elephants, (eleFants!). News spreads quickly. Can the Ants save these precious eleFants from the invading beetles? 


Book 3 coming soon

Watch this space..

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