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About Author


My name is Susie Laan and I have lived in Ashurst for over 30 Years. I am passionate about helping to save elephants from extinction. In 2015 I took part in the 'Enormous Elephant Run' in London, and in 2016 I organised the 'Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition' in the New Forest, which raised over £8,000 for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Since then I've helped start a group called 'Two Million Tusks', which has been working to end the ivory trade in the UK and we  published in 2017 a report on ivory trade in auction houses called 'Ivory: The Grey Areas'.

About the EleFant books


I have always been creative and good at bringing characters to life through my drawings, and I have illustrated a number of children's books. I am so excited about this series of books that I have written and illustrated, as it combines my love of art and animals. I've had lots of support from my family and friends, particularly my daughter Janna and friend Myra Metcalfe who helped, enthusiasm and encouragement with edition 1.  Also thanks to Stevie Parker for many fun sessions adding more humour, further editing and help with these series of books edition 2 for the first and second in the series.

The third and last in the series special thanks go to Janna again for helpful ideas and editing and Louise Ravula for reading the story to her daughter, Tabitha which enabled some good ideas, all very helpful and adding colour to the story. And also help editing.

 It's wonderful to not be alone in my love for elephants and wanting to help them.

About 00Tree Secret Agent of the New Forest

My love for wildlife has made me want to do something about the amount of litter in the New Forest. Plastic litter can harm animals and blow into rivers leading to the sea.

By writing and illustrating the 00Tree Secret Agent of the New Forest I found a creative way to make children aware of this problem.

This is way to help all the wonderful creatures both great and small 

Profits so far 

2018 - 2021 profits for DSWF for orphaned elephants from Fant books = £1032

That includes £380 profits by Welcome Stores selling books and cards totalling £760.

Welcome's Eco Project raised a further £600 from the sales of the 00tree books in thrie 6 stores and by involving schools 

£300 profits to Wildlife Rescue

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Contact me with any comments, questions, support or donations using the email address or contact form below.

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YEAR 3 pupils at Brockenhurst Primary School have found a creative and engaging way to rem
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