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Children's books, written and illustrated by Susie Laan, with profits donated to charities helping wildlife. 

So far, there is a series of 3 books about Ants and Elephants set in Africa, plus the first book about the Gretta Group in the New Forest. 

Book 1 front cover for webpage 20181026.


Book 1


Book 2 front cover for webpage 20181026.

Battles and Beans

Book 2


Book 3 cover.jpg


Book 3


front cover draft 2020-06-22.jpg


Book 1


"We really like the way this series of 3 books use facts in a fictional story to educate children about elephants and the reality of poaching. The stories bring to life the idea of using an alternative to ivory in a very creative and engaging way."
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

100% of profits from the sale of these books are being donated to

projects helping wildlife. Find out more about the charities supported and why we need to save elephants here, and wildlife here

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